What is it that you look for when it comes to exposure? When you are looking for a marketing vehicle do you follow what everyone else has done or do you break the mould and try something new?

Business First TV in a bid to reduce the cost of business marketing has come up with video and podcasting for Business. We are obsessed with low cost business marketing through online video and online podcast but what does all this mean? How about if you could have a regular TV show about your business where you could talk about anything that you wanted and invite guests to be interviewed? What if we could market your show or shows to over 70,000 UK followers? What if, what if, what if..the possibilities are endless but lets not get ahead of ourselves why not try a pilot? 

A pilot show is low cost at around £499. This is for production, editing, hosting and marketing for a year! So by the time that we finish you will have a 15-20 minute show for you to keep and marketing of the show!

Now that we have a show the next thing to do is to get people to come and view it. We do this notifying our followers of your show..not just once but several times a week. Lets say for arguments sake that we will tweet several times a week about your show and lets say that we tweet this for a year, that's 1 X professional show and tweets to over 70,000 followers for a one off cost of £499! 

If you are looking for special offers then check out our rack rates, our offers or be my guest pages!

If you would like to know more please get in touch. In the meantime please browse our website!

We are always looking for companies who would like to have their own show or shows. There are some unique benefits to having a show. Similarly we are always looking for comapnies who would like to sponsor a show. Sponsoring a show means that there are references to your company at the begining, meddle and end of a show.

And finally if you would like to be a guest on one of our shows where you get to talk about your company, your vision and engage with your clients and employees then this is for you, but please understand that these services are not free.

We believe that there are many low cost options when it comes to unique marketing. Our aim is to give you as much exposure as possible for a fraction of the "normal" cost.

If you woud like to find out more please contact me!