Lara Khalaf interviewed Dana Denis Smith at TedX Tunbridge Wells 2017


Lara: Good morning, and welcome to Business First TV. Greetings from Tunbridge Wells. There is a big event happening today, that is TEDx. Today we have the lovely Dana here with us. Welcome, Dana.
Dana: Hi.
Lara: How are you feeling?
Dana: I'm feeling very, very excited, and terrified at the same time.
Lara: Excited and terrified. Why do you feel excited and terrified?
Dana: Because it's a very interesting stage to be speak, and it's really a different way of communicating your thoughts. It takes a lot of effort.
Lara: Yeah. What are you going to be talking about today?
Dana: My talk is called "How to be Remembered."
Lara: Wow.
Dana: It is about how we create a legacy, of books of memories, if you like, in our lifetime, to allow history to judge us whichever the way it wants.
Lara: Fantastic. Is there anything that you could share with the public  on how to be remembered?
Dana: I to devise this three step way that I'm hoping allows you to centre on themselves, because you can't really create a box of memories without you being the centre of it. It's a method that I call the "Core Method."
Lara: The Core Method, yes?
Dana: It basically involves collecting, observing and recording.
Lara: Wow.
Dana: It's a kind of historical method, because without the tools for history to have primary resources and things like that, you can't really do the interpretation. The analysis has to be of facts, of the information, of materials rather than just ... It doesn't happen by magic. I'm trying to help you put it in a more structured way.
Lara: Fantastic. I'm assuming that you have a business, Dana?
Dana: I do have a business.
Lara: Would you like to talk us through your business?
Dana: My business has nothing to do with ...
Lara: Okay.
Dana: But I'm hoping will be big enough to make it one day. My business is call Obelisk Support. It operates in the legal sector, and it's a business that matches high calibre lawyers with very large corporate clients. Our focus is on especially parents that want to work in a flexible way and creating a marketplace that encourages flexibility.
Lara: How can our public reach you out?
Dana: The easiest way, really, it Twitter or LinkedIn. I'm quite active and quickly responding on that platform. Let's see, we have a website and ...
Lara: What's the name of the website?
Dana: It's
Dana: Obelisk ... Like the building, obelisk, the Egyptian.
Lara: Egyptian, yes. Fantastic, fantastic. So best of luck today.
Dana: Thank you.
Lara: And I'm sure that you don't need it, and we'll see you around. Thank you so much. See you around.

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