Lara Khalaf interviewed Philip Clemo at TedX Tunbridge Wells 2017


Lara: Good morning and welcome to Business First TV. My name is Lara Khalaf. I'm a leadership and business coach. Today we're in Turnbridge Wells. I'm very excited to have the awesome Philip here with us today. Good morning, Philip.

Philip: Good morning.

Lara: How are you feeling today?

Philip:A little bit nervous but excited as well.

Lara: Okay so what brings you here to TedX?

Philip: Well I'm working on a project, which has been going for about nine years so far, called the Breath Project. It's about how we experience the world around us, and how we might be able to do that without analysis. A little bit like a pre-verbal child. If you ever watch a very young child exploring around them. They're not naming things. They're not sort of going oh well that's a piece of grass and that's ... They just explore more fully.

I'm wondering as adults, maybe slightly jaded adults who thinks we know what is familiar. Can we see a familiar world in an unfamiliar way?

Lara: Fun, and how did you get into the business?

Philip: Well I've got various strands of background and sort of come together and music. I've been a composer and musician for many years. I've brought out six albums. I used to work for the BBC about 20 years ago in news and current affairs, so I learned the filmmaking crafts there. I've just brought these two areas of my passions together. The visual side, filmmaking, and the music and sound side into this project.

Lara: Fantastic and what sort of clients do you like to work with?

Philip:I like to work with clients who understand what I'm doing, which is a little bit ... Not so mainstream.


Philip: It's basically challenging how people perceive and it's the kind of clients who would like to be involved in a project that is really cutting edge. I'm working with some of the best technology I can find on the planet, whether it's flying around in helicopters with gyro stabilised cameras or working with extreme slow motion technology worth 200,000-pound cameras and things. It's been really exciting. It's really cutting edge and I would like to work with people who can understand that thing of breaking new ground.

Lara: Fantastic, so let's go back to TedX today. What would you like people to get out of today's talk?

Philip: Well if they left my talk or the end of my talk, they just started to question or not question the world around them a little bit. How they perceive, so they're less analytical and they can just experience things and environments in different ways, and maybe connect a little bit more to the awe inspiring little planet we live on, rather than be jaded.

Lara: Yes, fantastic. How excited are you by the way?

Philip: How?

Lara: Excited.

Philip: Well I'm very excited. Yes, I'm a little nervous, but I don't tend to do this kind of presentations in this kind of way very often, so this is a challenge but it's a great challenge.

Lara: Fantastic to have you here. Let's share with everyone in fact, how can your ideal client reach you?

Philip: Well, I have a website, which is my own website,

Lara: yes.

Philip: Clemo, and I also have the Breath Project website, which is

Lara: Okay and are you on social media also?

Philip: I'm on social media. I am on Facebook and I am also on Twitter, and I'm newly on Instagram.

Lara: Fantastic, so best of luck today. This is Business First TV and see you later. 

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