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Tino: So, welcome to Business First TV. My name is Tino. If you're listening on Business Radio, hello to you, and if you're reading on our blog, hello to you too. I have a pleasure of being at Envision today, and I'm with Nicola Deverson, who is an accountant. Nicola, welcome to the show. 

Nicola: Hello, Tino.
Tino: How are you?
Nicola: I'm very well, thank you for having me on.
Tino: No, it's good. It's as much my show as it is your show. So tell about what it is that you do.
Nicola: I help my clients feel really confident around their finances. That's their personal finances, and also their business finances, and what I find is when I talk to my female clients, they have a real worry around money and finance and whether they can understand it and manage it, and it's a big issue for an awful lot of them, and I hear so often, which I find really frustrating, is women saying "I was rubbish at maths at school, and therefore I can't understand my business finance." There's no correlation between those two, and it's not a lack of ability. It's lack of education.
Tino: Okay.
Nicola: Around business finance, around personal finance, and the big thing I have to change first is their mindset. Once I change their mindset, then we can get to work, and it just makes such a difference to them and to their businesses, and just to how they feel generally when they understand that they can look after their finances, and actually they're very good at it, generally.
Tino: Why do they feel this way? Are they worried about getting it wrong, or are they just shying away from it, don't want to learn?
Nicola: I think it's getting it wrong, dealing with HMRC, which can be quite intimidating, simply because they're not very helpful nowadays and the language that they use in letters is not very friendly, and for many of them, they may not have dealt with finance before, and it's that responsibility. So I was talking to a prospective client recently, and she said to me, she had a real fear about being successful.
Tino: Okay.
Nicola: And that's not something I really understood at the time until I dug a bit deeper and for her, that fear was about the responsibility that comes with success, so having to look after the finances, possibly having to have a team of people to work with and being responsible for them, so for me, it's about changing that mindset and helping them with that education.
Tino: So tell me, what else do you do?
Nicola: So I have two businesses. I have Envision Partnership, which is an accountancy practise providing accounting and taxation services, but the business I truly love is Financially Fit Women, and that is a mentoring business and an education training business, really. It started because I realised that there were a lot of women out there who had small businesses, but they didn't need an accountant because it was too small and they couldn't really afford to have an accountant, but they really needed some advice on how to keep their records and what expenses they can claim, how to deal with HMRC, and all that side of things. So I would drop in for the morning and we would sort everything out. They would then have sufficient knowledge for them to get going.
Tino: Okay.
Nicola: So that was a really great starting point, so it's evolved naturally into I now provide online mentoring for female business owners, and it just draws on all my skill set, and seeing these women change and they're developing their business is just fabulous. I love it. I absolutely love it.
Tino: Let me ask about your online mentoring. How does that work? Do people write you on your website and then they pay a subscription, or is it a one off fee, or is it Skyping, or what happens? Or it's email?
Nicola: It's webinars, live webinars. We have a group of women who meet once a month and it's pay as you go, so for me, that's really good, because it means that they can drop out at any time, so I'd have to keep my game up, so that's great for me and it's good for them. It also means that there is no time limit, so it's not a six month or a 12 month programme, and that's worked really well for now. However, next year I'm bringing in some new programmes, very specific programmes, so one is about raising profits, another one is going to be for startups, so that would be a short, intense programme, and then we have another one which is a lovely programme called Flourish, which I absolutely love and that's a 12-week, very intense programme, which is working with the women personally and making them look at themselves differently, and as a result of that, they bring different things to their businesses.
Tino: Okay.
Nicola: And to their relationships, and that's great. And so everything I do is online at the moment, so it's a webinar. We all jump online. It's very interactive. I don't do anything where it's just me talking. I'm always engaging with the clients, and it works really well.
Tino: Tell me about the Women Work events.
Nicola: Women Work just fits perfectly with my other businesses, so I was a speaker at the first event, and it gave me an opportunity to speak about something that I've never spoken about before, and that is struggling with running a business or being in a high profile career, something that's very demanding, having a family and all the responsibilities that go around that, and one of the big issues that many of us face, many women face it, but men do too, and that's burnout. And it gave me a platform to talk about that, and now, having done that, now I bring that into all the work that I do. So whenever I work with a client, I'm always conscious of them and making sure that they're not burning out and that they're actually building a business that fits with their lives.
Tino: When's the next event?
Nicola: It is the 20th of April, 2018.
Tino: And where is it?
Nicola: It's at Solomon Centre.
Tino: How do we find out more about the Women Work event?
Nicola: On our website, that's Women Work Events, and all the details are there. You can register to be a speaker there. We are still looking for speakers, so just register there and one of our team will be in touch.
Tino: And how do you find out more about you and what you do?
Nicola: On either of my websites, so that's envision-uk.com, and financiallyfitwomen.co.uk.
Tino: And if you missed any of that, then just look at the ticker at the bottom of the screen. It'll all be across there anyway.
Nicola: Thank you very much.

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Thursday, 20 June 2019
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