We interviewed Rachel Dines from Shake It Up Creative


Tino: Okay, so welcome back to Business First TV. My name is Tino. You know me from Business Radio, and you also know me from Business First TV, but today I am in Worthing with the people from Shake It Up Creative. This is Rachel Dines. Hi Rachel.
Rachel: Hello.
Tino: How are you?
Rachel: Nice to see you.
Tino: Is it really?
Rachel: Yes it is?
Tino: Okay, what is it you do?
Rachel: I run a design and marketing agency. We work for small and medium businesses, across Sussex and across England, and we've got a few international clients as well.
Tino: How international? Do you mean Paris, do you mean further?
Rachel: America and Australia. Let's not get too glamorous.
Tino: What does that mean? Tell exactly what it is you do for the client.
Rachel: I run it with Meg Fenn.
Tino: Meg Fenn is over there on the phone.
Rachel: Yeah.
Tino: Pretending to be busy. We will spring around in a minute okay, we'll go over there.
Rachel: Yeah. We run different projects for people. Sometimes it might be a whole brand new website. Sometimes it might be a bit of copywriting, a bit search engine optimization, and some public relations work. It really varies. It's brilliant, because every day is a new, exciting day.
Tino: Fantastic. How is business going?
Rachel: Brilliant. We're really busy. We are more heavy on the website I'd say.
Tino: What does that mean?
Rachel: It means that people want their websites doing more than they want a marketing campaign right now.
Tino: So creating websites?
Rachel: Yeah, it could be creating, or reinventing them. So rebranding, or switching platforms maybe. Sometimes people will start out with a really basic web builder, something like Wix, Squarespace, and then they outgrow it. They want to transfer that over to WordPress, can't really do it themselves, and they come to us, and Meg does it because she's a superstar with coding and design. So yeah, I don't really do that side of things, and so I feel bad some times because when we're that busy on the website, it is down to Meg mainly.
Tino: Fantastic. Do you think people recognise that they've outgrown their website?
Rachel: I think they do because they either have frustrations in terms of capability, there's things that oh, I wish it could do. Then they go and try to do it, and actually that platform doesn't allow them to do it, so they find out that way. Or they perhaps branch out, and they have more services, or more products, and they actually physically run out capability and space, so they need to change. Most of the time they do.
Tino: Anyone who is watching, who wants to get in contact with you, who is your customer? Who are you looking for?
Rachel: We range really. We have some people that have got really small businesses that are just starting out. Some people that have perhaps applied for funding, and they want a whole range of things done for them. They come to us, and they need that proposal that covers lots of different areas. We've also got some retainer clients. They are bigger businesses, where we do different things for them every month, but we're always working for them every month of the year. So that's great because-
Tino: Easy money-
Rachel: We're on hand for them. Yep easy money, let's be honest. We're on hand for them-
Tino: That's right [crosstalk 00:03:03]-
Rachel: So they can just call us up and say oh we're gonna do this trade show, quick we need a banner, and we're on it.
Tino: How do people find out more?
Rachel: They can go to our website, ShakeItUpCreative.com-
Tino: ShakeItUpCreative.com one word?
Rachel: Yes.
Tino: People will say why didn't you say W-W-W before that.
Rachel: You don't need it. You know the drill. We're also on lots of social media, so you can find us on Twitter @ShakeItCreative, or you can find us on Facebook and on LinkedIn too.
Tino: So tell me about the Hub.
Rachel: The Help Hub is a free drop-in service, and we do it twice a month. We try and doing one in Worthing, and we have other locations across Sussex. Sometimes it's Portslade or Little Hampton, for example. Anyone can come that is a business owner, or is in an employee and they need help with something that we do. It could be a marketing question. It could be looking over a press release. It could be something on their website has been really bugging them, and they just can't quite get it right, and we can fix that on the spot. They just come, and they login, and there we are.
Tino: That's pretty good isn't? I mean it's like the Good Samaritan.
Rachel: Well, we really enjoy doing it, because we meet loads of different people, all sorts of different business stages. It's really enjoyable from that aspect. Also, it's our opportunity to give back because we had a great start. When Meg and I went into business together, we had our own client base already. We didn't have to leave full time jobs. We were both freelance. Then we built Shake It Up Creative, and we had this legacy client list. We didn't have to take out any loans or anything like that. We just felt really fortunate, so we were in a good position to hopefully help those that are just starting out.
Tino: Amazing, as soon as I have a problem I'll call you. No problem at all. Tell me about this competition you have running.
Rachel: We do an annual competition called Shake to Create. It's where we select one lucky business, to win loads of hours of our time, 35 hours of our time.
Tino: Wow.
Rachel: They can use that-
Tino: [crosstalk 00:05:00]-
Rachel: Yeah exactly, they can use that on anything they need, really apart from search engine optimization, just because we sometimes have to work with third parties on that, because it is quite a complex area. So they can enter, they video pitch. It's not open at the moment because we just selected this year's winner. We're on our second year, but we'll be doing it again next year, and anyone is able to video pitch and say why we should choose them.
Tino: Okay, so the competition is about just delivering a good pitch as to why they should be picked by you?
Rachel: Yeah, basically why do they need our help.
Tino: And what do you use as a way of gauging how good people are? Is it presentation skills or-
Rachel: We look at their website. We look at their social media. If someone records themselves, and sends us a video that just says we need to do marketing, and they don't really give us much information, they don't seem very passionate about their business, then that's not really gonna do it for us. If someone goes on and says, we've seen what you do, we really think that you could help our business, and this is why, and this is what we do, and they're really passionate about it, and these are our goals, then that'd be perfect, because we get all excited about it, and we say yeah.
Tino: Did you get that? Goal is be passionate about it.
Rachel: Be passionate about your business, because we are, so we love to see that in return.
Tino: Okay, all right, and clearly you do love it because you're here. You're not being paid to be here today.
Rachel: No. We're here for free, out of the goodness of our heart.
Tino: And it's Worthing, and if the sun is out it's really, really hot. I've had ice cream, which Meg bought for me.
Rachel: Yeah. I didn't get one.
Tino: Not allowed?
Rachel: No.
Tino: So that's Business First TV, here at Shake It Up Creative in Worthing, at the drop-in centre.

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