Hi my name is Marian Timms and I'm a holistic therapist specialising in reflexology to your door in the Portsmouth area.

Alongside my therapy business I'm also involved with a network marketing company called Nikken, a Japanese research and development company that's been in business since 1975 and helps bring nature into the home.

This unit here is a waterfall system, it's a filter system for tap water. It's made from biodegradable and recyclable materials and is BPA free for those of you in the know "bisphenol-A"  a substance used in the manufacture of these which hardens them, more on these in a minute. This filters tap water through a gravity-fed filtration system it goes through very quickly.


This is an old filter that's dried out and it's done it's time. This has three stages and this itself is biodegradable and recyclable so if it ended up in a landfill site it would degrade into the biomass of the soil.  One filter lasts 900 litres or 3 months whichever comes sooner and after that time it loses its effectiveness it doesn't filter as accurately and the PH of the existing water isn't as alkaline as it should be. 

So, the water passes through the filter and over a bed of mineral stones, it then comes out to a magnetic optic to your glass or BPA free on-the-go bottle, it tastes amazing.

The mineral stones together with a magnetiser, magnetiser? That's a good word Magnetiser add magnesium sodium potassium calcium and manganese all of these are essential minerals for bodily functions such as nerve transmission and blood coagulation or clotting for want of a better word.

The filter filters particles down to one micron. That's quite tiny, if you're concerned about micro plastics which they've now found in tap water, then this might be an alternative for you. Might be a good idea. You can Google the size of micro plastics they're around 5000 microns so there's a big gap from 5000 down to 1.

I can't say it filters all of them out that wouldn't be true I don't know there might be some that are less than 1 micron but it's a good spectrum of size.

For an on the go option we have one of these little bottles which is a mini version of this. This has a little filter. The bottle holds 600ML so just over half a litre. It has magnets around this rim so the same principle, it filters and it alkalises. We know that alkaline is better for us than to being too acidic. Acidic by that I mean like a lemon or carbonated fizzy water which is quite low on the PH scale. Then you've got tap water that's in the middle around neutral and then this produces water that's about 8.5 to 9.5 on the PH scale.

When I say acidic many people drink lots of tea and coffee and they also eat animal products and this acidifies the body and predisposes you to more disease as it were. It's a well-known fact that if you are adequately hydrated you can reverse some of the symptoms of modern disease such as raise blood pressure raise cholesterol asthma allergies weight problems sleep problems to name a few.

If you were to buy both of these together you would save on post and packing.

If you need any more information on this wonderful system which requires no plumbing no electricity and literally just sits on your countertop, then please do contact me on 07872 626457 or contact me through my facebook page Marian's holistic therapies. I have lots more information to share with you on it which I can email to you on your request.

So, I very much look forward to hearing from you, that's Marian from Hampshire holistic mobile therapies.

Thank you




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