Hi. My name's Marian Timms and I've got a little demo set up here for you today. I've got various bottled waters. I've got some fizzy drinks as well and I've put them into the glasses in front of me. I've then added some pH indicator which is methyl red and you, literally, just add a couple of drops. I'll just add a few more to each glass. What it does is it reacts with this indicator solution to tell you whether or not something is acidic, or alkaline, or neutral. We've got a little mini version of this here, showing going from very acidic to very alkaline with neutral pH in the middle around seven. So, we have Sprite Zero, very, very acidic. We have flavoured water from Volvic, again, very acidic. We have sparkling water, still reasonably acidic, not quite as acidic as these.

Moving on to still water from Sainsbury's. Here, we have distilled water that a friend of mine gave me to test, which I was really interested, it's neutral pH. The thing with distilled water is it's had all the goodness taken out of it. It has distilled all the rubbish out of the water but put nothing back in and it doesn't taste very pleasant either in my opinion. And then on the end, we have Nikken PiMag Water which is slightly alkaline with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. You can see that this compares quite well towards the top of the chart, showing that it is alkaline. My point really is to encourage you to find an alternative to drinking these fizzy drinks because they're not doing us any good. I used to drink lots and lots of sparkling water until I found out how acidic it was.

So by drinking this now, it counteracts the effect of an acidic lifestyle that some of us may have. Many of us drink lots of tea and coffee. Some of us drink a lot more coffee than others and we may eat animal products as well, the meats, the cheeses, things like that and they're all acidifying our body. So by drinking some of this, it helps counteract that effect. So, my message today really is to go and find an alternative to these very, very acidic drinks. You see, young people drinking copious amounts of this. They're drinking the energy drinks which aren't good for them. They need to find an alternative because they've got a long life ahead of them and, hopefully, it'll be a healthy, happy life.

So, if it's not tap water and it's not bottled water, you may want to consider contacting me about an alternative to that which is an alkaline water from Nikken, who've been in business since 1975. My website is www.mariansholistictherapies.com. My phone number is 078-7262-6457. I'd love to hear from you. I am a wellness advisor and consultant. I will spend time try to help you find a solution to an unhealthy problem. Thanks very much for listening and I look forward to my next video with you. Take care. Bye-bye.

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