Hi, My name's Marian Timms. I'm a holistic therapist, and I help people solve everyday problems with healthy, holistic solutions. Problems like poor sleep, poor hydration, and discomfort in their joints. I joined a network marketing company called Nikken last year, and I have to say the products have revolutionised my life in terms of hydration and health.

As part of being a network marketer, then you need to do self development, and I've been doing a lot of reading. And, I've been reading this book lately. By Shawn Stevenson. Now, if I asked you what you thought the most singular important thing was for good sleep, what would you say? Might it be a cool, dark room? Might it be no technology in the bedroom? I surprised myself, and this is part of living and learning, and constantly learning. This book, is mind blowing. It's awesome.

Shawn talks about the gut. Yup, you heard it, the gut. The good old gut is the singular most important thing for good sleep. It has hundreds, and hundreds of ... I can't speak. Hundreds and hundreds of nerves in it, so its now deemed the second brain. It also has trillions of bacteria in it. There are good bacteria, and bad, or opportunistic bacteria. Now, this balance is very delicate, and it can be upset by all sorts of factors, which will then make your health not as healthy as it could be.

In the gut, there is 400 times more melatonin than in the brain. Now, melatonin is a "get good sleep" hormone. It's something that you need in order to have a good sleep. You may have heard of people being prescribed melatonin. Now, that is a solution, it isn't actually going back to the root cause of why the melatonin isn't what it should be.

Various things that can affect the balance of the bacteria, and the nerves and the melatonin, are things like, [apitropical 00:02:14] pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides, and much food is sprayed with that these days. We've got food additives, and preservatives, what they heck are they doing in food? Natural food! Not food you can't even recognise what it is because there's 10 ingredients on the back of the packet. We also have chlorine in the water, which is why I use a good quality filter to remove the majority of chlorine, because chlorine is and antibiotic. And antibiotics aren't fussy which bacteria they wipe out. They'll wipe the good guys, the bad guys, and anything in between.

So, when that balance is upset, you will then find you will be more ill, so you need more antibiotics, you then get another cold or virus. Antibiotics aren't actually prescribed, for viruses, they're bacteria, but anyway ... That's a different thing. We also have chemical, processed foods, which have high sugar content. And that sugar feeds on the bad bacteria, so, if you're not eating as natural a diet as possible, and I'm not qualified to talk about that, because I'm not a nutritionist, but I know people who can help you, then that's going to upset the gut. Also, stress, a lot of stress is perceived, it's not normal stress, it's stressing about things that aren't really important, if you're in a balanced state.

When people come to me because they have a sleep issue, I do a whole questionnaire about their lifestyle, what they're eating, what they're drinking in terms of good, quality water, whether their bedroom is cool and dark, because it's not just about me giving them a reflexology treatment, and hey, presto, you're gonna sleep better. It's a contract between the client and myself. If you're not prepared to make small baby steps to change what you might not be doing quite right, then there is no point in me trying to help you because it's a two way agreement between us.

I give you the reflexology, I consult you, and I tell you, I advise you, on the baby steps that you can take to perhaps change not eating too much processed food, better quality water, can you try and find food that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides.

Yes, that's a whole nother subject, food like that can be more expensive, and I honestly think that the government should subsidise healthy food. Make the processed fast food extortionately expensive, and bring down the price, subsidise the healthier food for people, so that people with less money can afford better quality food.

We see children who can't sleep, they are being medicated with melatonin, that makes my heart bleed, because look at what's happening, look at the stress, the devices that they might be using from a very early age. Children as young as three, now, they are having iPads and access to phones. That's affecting their energy field, it's effecting their brain. They're hyper-sensitive, they can't switch off if they're not having a good quality diet as well. It's not good.

So, if you'd like to learn more, because there is hope, and without hope, where we would be? And I am an idealist, I'm a dreamer, and I will always look for a solution for you. Then, please, do contact me on 07872626457 or through my website, www.mariansholistictherapies.com. I highly recommend this book, it's eye opening about the gut. There's so much more, but I tried to keep it as simple as I could to just explain that if this is wrong, it's all wrong.

Thanks very much indeed. Bye-bye.

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