Hi, my name's Marian Timms, and today I want to talk to you about some of the testimonials I've been getting for these magnetic Nikken products. First of all we have the insoles from Nikken. A lady bought these. She had discomfort in all of her joints, and reported back to me within one week that all her joint discomfort had disappeared. Fabulous, it's amazing.

Here in the middle we have something called a MagFlex, similar technologies to what's in the insoles, it flexes, hence the name, it also has a washboard type effect on the back that clings to your clothing, so you insert it either down the back of your skirt, your waistband, you can also hold it here, you could put it here, wherever there's discomfort in your body. The most amazing testimonial for this that I wanted to talk to you about today is a gentleman who's ex-Navy and had basically knackered his back. He was very dubious about the products, but I convinced him that he would like to borrow it, and within a week he contacted me and he said, "I have to admit, it's helped my discomfort." He takes it with him on long flights now, he wears it periodically, he doesn't wear it all the time, he finds it's less effective if he wears it all the time, but certainly when he needs it, job done.

Lastly, these are wraps, these have ceramic woven fibres in them which have amazing technology for relieving discomfort, and this one is a wrist wrap. The story with this one, the fabulous testimonial with this one is a young girl, professional musician who not only plays, but she mends instruments, was in a car crash. As the car was crashing, she braced herself and did non-specific tissue damage in her wrist. After three years of conventional help with osteopathy and physiotherapy she was still getting a tingling sensation in her fingers, and shooting discomfort up her arm. She borrowed this wrist wrap, and after three weeks of wearing it most of the time, she's now back playing her instruments and mending them.

The products speak for themselves, they are amazing. If you know someone who could be helped with discomfort or perhaps is having trouble with sleeping, that reminds me, today I had the most amazing day of June. A lady had borrowed the sleep system from me, the sleep system has magnetic technology in it, this lady has a degenerative condition which causes her to have disturbed sleep at night and low energy levels. After using the mattress topper for seven days, she has reported back to me that her energy levels have rocketed, and her husband reports that her sleep is less disturbed. Now, his sleep was being disturbed because she was thrashing around, calling out, having apparently quite violent disturbing dreams; that has lessened. That's everything to me, and that's why I do what I do.

If you want to know more and help me in my mission, then please, please contact me on 07872-63-64-57, or contact me on: www.nikken.com/eu/mariantimms. Thank you ever so much for listening. Bye.

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