Hi, my name is Marian Timms, and I'd like to talk to you today a little bit about what I do and how I do it, and why I do it. I can see that the world is in crisis, and a health crisis. It's very cliché, but it is. You've only got to look around to see the number of people that have chronic illness. There's inflammation, there's just so many things wrong with people, so many people on medication, young children on medication because they have behavioural issues.

So I just want to tell you that my business has evolved, I started off as a reflexologist, but on this journey of being a therapist, I encompass so much more. So when I meet you, I take a lifestyle questionnaire, and this is not just about how much water you drink, do you sleep all right, which are important factors. But it's are you using chemicals in your home? Because they can have an impact on your health.

What are you putting on your body? Because your skin is the biggest organ in the body, and it absorbs 60% of what you put on it. This can impact on your health. Things like stress, have you got stress at work, financial stress, stress within the family, stress with a relationship? And it's a bit sort of Marjorie Proops type thing, tell me your problems, but I had a client recently who I went to see, and it was obvious that she was not in a very good place.

She'd taken a long time to actually pick the phone up and say that she wanted to talk to me. She wanted to book an appointment. So I went around to his person, and we sat, and I did the consultation for them, and lots of things came out. I realised she needed to talk, and I literally sat and I let her talk, and tell me all the things. I asked a few questions here and there.

We looked at our watches and realised that an hour had gone by. Now that hour was crucial for her. So much shifted in that hour, just by her talking to me. I'm not a trained counsellor, I'm a therapist, but I'm very good at listening to people, and finding that pain points, and pain doesn't have to be a physical pain, it can be what's troubling them spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

She wasn't sure whether she was going to have that treatment, but then she decided that she would just have half an hour treatment. Well, that was a turning point in her life, and my life. I did half an hour facial reflexology on her, left her, gave the aftercare advice, which is to drink water, take it easy, and like many therapies there can be a rebalancing. So you might feel a bit out of sorts, you might not, you might want to eat more, drink more, you might visit the toilet more frequently.

Left her, she contacted me before I had a chance to contact her two days later. And she informed me that a massive shift had happened in her. She'd started clearing, decluttering her house, she was going to do a run. So, I looked back in my messages and double checked that this was the same person I'd talked to two days prior, and the transformation was incredible.

Now this isn't something that I'd done, I'm not proclaiming to be whoever. I do have healing abilities, that's come to light recently, and it's getting stronger. That's not something that I pushed to the forefront, it happened in my treatments. But, the transition in her was phenomenal, and she recognised that, and I've since seen her a couple of more times, and her life has gone from a very dark place, to a much brighter place with a very promising future.

And that's the kind of thing I do. I listen, 80% of the time, whether I'm talking a lot now, but I do when I'm with a client, it's all about them. It's what I can do for them. So many people these days are disconnected from nature. What's that mean?

What it means is, we wear rubber soled shoes, which insulate us from the earth's energies. We drive around in cars, that are sealed most of the time with windows. We might live in very well insulated homes. We might have chemical toxins in the home if we're not using chemical free products. Those impact on your health. We may have air conditioned offices that we work in. So we're not really connecting with the energy of the air, the energy of the earth. That's making us ill, whether you laugh about it or you think I'm talking a lot of hooey, it's making us ill.

I recently read a book that explained it so clearly to me. How the energy from the earth supports our energy field, without getting too scientific and technical, and when we are disconnected from that, we become ill. We see things like asthma, allergies, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and I'm not naming these as conditions, I'm saying chronic pain as in chronic pain, chronic fatigue. We see diabetes type two is rife because of lifestyle choices. People are not making the right lifestyle choices because they're not educated to that.

I'm not saying they're not educated, they're not educated in that field, and this is where my job as a therapist comes in when I come to see you, I can only make suggestions. It's teamwork between yourself, and me. And it might mean a few minor tweaks in what you do in your life, the products you use for cleaning, the products you put on your skin.

It might mean that you up your water intake with good, quality water. Because water, oh my goodness, as a therapist, I used to have on my consultation form, how much water do you drink? Well I've learned the hard way, I've changed that now to do you drink water? Because so many people don't drink water. They either, they're not thirsty, or they don't like the taste of it.

So again, this is where I bring in the other aspect of my business, which comes under what I now call life changing energies. That's energy through the work I do, or with the products that I promote from Nikken. The idea of life changing energies came from a client recently who said to me, you've changed our lives Marian. That was the trigger for ah, you've changed my life, life changing energies.

I now own that URL, and I'm very proud of it. And there's going to be a lot more coming out of there, blogs, etc. Now how I changed this persons life is I helped her son not only to sleep through the night with a magnetic quilt, but also this poor young man had been frequently been sick, every time he drank tap water he would be sick. I said to her, well that to me suggests that there's something in the tap water that his body is rejecting, automatically.

So she invested in a sports bottle from Niken, and she noticed within a few hours that by drinking the filtered water, he'd stopped being sick. Now this poor man was getting bullied at school. Such is the society that we live in, and bullying is another thing that's just not acceptable at any age, it doesn't need to happen.

So his life was being impacted by him reacting to something his body didn't want. He was being bullied. He now isn't being bullied, he's now sleeping well during the night, and that is just incredible. And how does that make me feel? That makes me feel fulfilled, it makes me feel grateful, and it keeps me on track, it keeps me on mission.

My mission is cliché or not to heal the world. I'm not going to be able to heal everyone, I know that. But I could heal you. Heal is perhaps a strong word, I can bring about balance into your life, because did you know that the body can heal itself? When it's in the right state of balance, energy wise, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, it can heal itself. This is what is so, so wrong about the way we're living today.

We have disconnect from nature, and we have over prescribing of drugs. We have one drug given for a condition that may have side effects, possibly will have side effects which leads, oh you need that drug to counteract that one. And it's an endless cycle, and people end up rattling.

Now yes medication has its place in certain conditions, but if there is an alternative way, if there is a solution to change you, that you don't need to that medication, then there might just be a reason to talk to me. It may be that you're not sleeping, because you're not hydrated enough. Why aren't you hydrated? Because you're not drinking enough water, you don't like the taste of water. Again, talk to me about that.

Pick up the phone, send me an email, details to follow. It could be that you've got financial pressures, and you want to spend more time with your children. Again, give me a bell, I can talk to you about that, Niken have a solution for that. There are also, your gut. Your gut is so important. If you are eating foods that have preservatives, and additives, and chemicals added to the process, that will upset your health.

There's so, so many things that I can advise you on. As well as doing the practical things like reflexology to relax you. Now I can do reflexology on your feet, or on your face, or on your hands. I can bring reflexology to you in your home if that's convenient, or if it's not convenient, I do have a room at home where you can come and visit me.

I live in Widley near Waterlooville. The other service I offer is ear candling, which is proving very popular at this time of year with congestion, sinus problems, and colds. And what I've discovered recently is that there is a gap in the market for this. Having placed an advert in a local group recently, and being inundated with inquiries, and people saying that their doctors told them there's nothing else they can do for them in terms of syringing, or they don't know what else to suggest.

And one success story I would like to share with you very quickly is a little five year old who I was introduced to recently. This little five year old had glue ear, I used the had glue ear. Her parents had asked if she could have grommets, because she was having to wear hearing aids to school. And she was told no, because her hearing wasn't bad enough.

So, they were desperate, and they asked me if I could do ear candling, and I said yes, I've no experience with glue ears, specifically. With other things, but not glue ear. So I did the procedure, which took about 10 minutes each ear, and the whole procedure takes about 30 minutes with a child. You have to be quite quick.

And, the mom and dad noticed within the next day that the television didn't need to be as loud as it had been, so they counted that as a positive. And also, in the car, the music at the volume they had been listening to was too loud for the little girl. So that was a very positive sign.

But the crux of this and the highlight that we found out yesterday when she had her checkup at the hospital, was that her glue ear had reduced, not completely gone, it had reduced, and also that she didn't need to have grommets, and she no longer needed to wear her hearing aids, because her hearing had improved.

That to me is fulfilling, it's amazing, and it's touching somebody's life and helping them. This is what I'm about, I will always try and find a solution for you. If I can't find it, I'll refer you to someone who might be able to help. I have many, many therapy friends in all different modalities who we cross refer to bring the best service we can to you. So if you'd like to learn more, then you can have a look at my website which is www.mariansholistictherapies.com, or give me a call.

My number is 07872626457. I've lots more to tell you, and I'd love to hear from you. If you have a problem with sleep, stress, or you know someone who is in chronic discomfort, please put them to me. Thank you very much indeed, bye bye.

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