So now that you have your video what is it that you'd like to get from it?
If your intention was to just have a video then congratulations you have achieved your goal. But if your intention was to get more clients or more traffic to your website then there are a couple of things that you should do next.
You may want to create a blog post about the video or even a transcript of the video which can go as a guest blog post on someone else's website. This will create interest from search engines especially if you place a link to the video in your post.
Something else that you may want to consider is creating social media posts on Linked, Facebook and Twitter.
What you could do is perhaps take some snipets from your blog post and post these on social media platforms with links back to either the video or your website.
Just doing those two things will increase your visibility and generate more interest to your video or website.
But you know. If you're too busy to do these then let me do it for you. 
I can take care of all of the digital marketing for your video which would include a blog post per video and social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Just click on the buy now button below.
If you would like more information then please just use the contact page or call me you'll find the number below.

 If you'd prefer to call me my number is 07920 488 450

Buy now at just £199 plus VAT


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